We made a promise to our members that we would not let Rain City Fit turn into the overcrowded gyms people hate to go to. Like many gyms, we are only ever truly busy during the post-work hours, basically 5:30-7:30pm. We wish we had a bigger space! In order keep the experience great for our current members, we are moving to a waitlist for new memberships. This waitlist should move pretty quickly as people often move; or start running outside; or get new credit cards and conveniently stop paying membership dues. Please email us and we'll get back to you with your place on the waitlist and estimates for when you can join. Also, if you only plan to use the gym during off-peak hours, we want to hear from you! Thanks you are all the best! 


Month to month

No Contract

Need flexibility? Month to month gym membership, no contract, no joining fee, cancel anytime.

$59 / month

Month to month

1 Year Commitment

Use code: FREEMONTH to get 1st month FREE with 1 Year Commitment. No joining fee!

$59 / month

1 Year

Paid in Full

Save over $100! 1 year of Gym membership, paid in full up front. No joining fee!

$599 / year


Personal Training

1 Training Session

1 - 50 Minute Session


5 Training Session

5 - Fifty Minute Sessions

$300 ($60 per session)

10 Training Session

10 - 50 Minute Sessions

$550 ($55 per session)


Semi-Private Personal Training

1 Session Per Week                 2 Sessions Per WEek            3 Sessions Per WeeK

1 Semi-Private Session per week                          2 Semi-Private Sessions per week                   3 Semi-Private Sessions per week

$195/month ($45 per session)                             $300/month ($35 per session)                        $400/month ($30 per session)

Other Options


Personalized workout program based on your goals (includes gym access)

$135 / month

COUPLES/Partner Membership

Discounted membership for couples/partners/friends (2 people)

$105 / month