Need help getting started? Hitting plateaus?

Personal Training with Rain City Fit can help.

It doesn't matter how long you've been working out, everyone can be benefit from personal training. If you're new to the gym, Personal Training with Rain City Fit can provide the guidance you need to develop a new workout routine. Feeling stuck? Personal Training can give you the personalized instruction you need to get more from your workouts. Trying to set new personal records? We can help you do it.

At Rain City Fit, we have a small hand-picked group of personal trainers who run their own business, seeing their clients at our gym. Each trainer sets their own schedule and their own prices. This enables Rain City Fit to have higher quality trainers, and they get to keep a higher percentage of their earnings, versus the commercial gym model. On this page you’ll find short bios of each trainer and how to connect with them. If you still need further assistance, you can email me directly at - Thanks!


Steven Davis

Steven is the Head Personal Trainer at Rain City Fit and has been a Certified Personal Trainer for the last 9 years. He is passionate about getting his clients the results. Whether it’s demystifying the nutritional landscape or learning how to lift weights effectively, Steven’s training makes fitness easier to navigate. 


Postural/Movement Assessment 


Muscle Gain


Stefanie Karlin

Stefanie loves working out: not only because it makes her body feel awesome, but also because it clears her mind and has helped her build community in her life. Personal training gives her the opportunity to help others do the same. Stefanie is a NASM certified personal trainer and holds her 200hr yoga teacher certificate. Stefanie competes in Olympic Weightlifting and previously danced professionally for 10+ years and holds a BFA in Dance with a focus on Anatomy.

Her primary focus as a trainer is helping clients create positive motivation for change in their lives through building strength and healthy, balanced bodies.


Rena Bartlett

Rena is a Certified Personal Trainer and Powerlifting Coach. She got into competitive powerlifting after battling with an eating disorder and realized, if she wanted to get stronger, she had to eat more and had to change her mindset. For Rena, physical and mental strength go hand in hand and that’s what she helps you focus on. Her training focuses on getting you to move better and more efficiently not only in the gym, but daily life as well. In her free time, Rena is typically found reading on the couch with her two cats.


Gus Lanza

Gus Lanza is a queer and transgender personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach who has been coaching professionally since 2012. He specializes in working with LGBTQ people (especially transgender and non-binary individuals), adaptive/post-injury athletes, and older adults (55+). Whatever your fitness goals may be, or if you are brand new to structured exercise, Gus can help you achieve things you never thought possible in an affirming and supportive environment.


Kristen Linck

Exercise and Sports Science and Minor in Fitness Nutrition. 

I have worked as a personal trainer for most of my professional career, but have also worked in physical therapy, sports performance/rehabilitation, and gait analysis. 

During my training sessions I help my cleints develop muscular strength and awareness that helps with back pain, knee pain, joint mobility, dynamic balance, weight loss, posture, and pelvic floor stabilization. 

I am available at Rain City Fit Monday through Friday 6:30am to 11am. My rates are $70 for 3x a week, $80 for 2x a week, and $90 for 1x a week. 

Lara Roche-Sudar


Lara is a bookworm by nature who didn’t enter the fitness world until her early twenties as a means of coping with an anxiety disorder. She is now a certified yoga teacher and Girls Gone Strong Level 1 Coach, specializing in guiding womxn of all ages and backgrounds to feel strong and awesome in their bodies. Her training style focuses on making movement fun and efficient, and she enjoys incorporating both the strengthening techniques of weight training and the functional mobility of her yoga practice into training sessions. 

Lara has trained as a competitive power lifter, and currently trains as an amateur aerialist and a competitive pole dancer. She has a passion for helping her clients reach their strength goals–whether that’s achieving a personal best at a competition, lifting the barbell for the very first time, or overcoming challenges in their home or work lives. Lara thinks of physical strength as an empowerment tool, and hopes that her clients come away from each session feeling more capable of tackling any challenge life throws at them.